Council agrees district council tax increase of 2.99%

Last night’s Council meeting agreed an increase of £2.99% (for a Band D property) in Tandridge District Council’s share of the council tax for 2018/2019.

This means Band D council tax will increase by £6.09 to £209.71, which is less than 12p a week. Tandridge District Council’s share of the Council Tax helps fund a wide range of services including recycling and waste collection, planning, street sweeping, housing, housing benefits and children’s play areas.

The increase will help resource work to improve our town centres, invest more in our parks and open spaces, protect our greenbelt, deliver affordable homes and support the district’s most vulnerable residents.

Surrey County Council, which provides services including schools, adult social care, children services, roads, fire and rescue and libraries, together with the office of the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner, have both agreed to increase their Band D level for 2018/2019.

Surrey County Council has agreed a council tax rise of 5.99% in 2018/2019, which includes 3% for social care, while Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner agreed an increase of 5.34%.

This year’s total band D Council Tax will be £1,857.57, this is an increase of 5.56%, which is divided among the different organisations as follows:


Authority 2017/2018 2018/2019   Increase
Tandridge District Council £203.62 £209.71 2.99%
Surrey County Council £1,331.55 £1,411.29 5.99% (including 3% for social care)
Surrey Police & Crime Commissioner £224.57 £236.57 5.34%

This figure does not include parish precepts, which will vary across the district. An average increase across the district including parish precepts is 5.51%.

Most people on income support, guaranteed pension credit, or very low incomes will continue to have the cost of council tax fully met by council tax support. Other people will automatically have their council tax support recalculated to reflect their revised council tax bills.

Chair of the Resources Committee, Councillor Simon Ainsworth, said: “Like other councils, Tandridge faces a challenging financial situation due to reduced government funding. But the budget agreed by Council will allow us to continue providing all our frontline services to a high standard and to always be available to support our more vulnerable residents. We have yet again managed to identify savings in the way we deliver services, partly through a radical restructuring of the way the council operates. We are also on track to deliver significantly higher income from investments, both in the district and elsewhere, which will help ensure the Council’s long term financial resilience, as well as improving the district’s infrastructure.”