Grant Aid

Each year Oxted Parish Council considers applications for Grant Aid. The purpose is to provide cash assistance to projects, charities or community programmes which are expressly supporting the Oxted and Hurst Green areas. The Council prefers to provide funds for specific capital investment or projects but requests for support towards running costs will also be considered.

2021 Grants

  • St Mary’s Oxted                                                                                         £   500.00

    Oxted & District Citizens Advice                                                           £   400.00

    Hurst Green Community Association                                                  £   337.50

    Oxted Patients Access Group                                                                 £   337.50

    Oxted Hygiene Bank                                                                                £   500.00

    Godstone Bowling Club                                                                           £   337.50

    The Woodhouse Centre                                                                           £1,170.00

    Make a Scene (Oxted Young Persons Theatre)                                  £   580.00

    Kings Church                                                                                            £   337.50

    Creative Community                                                                                £1,500.00

    Hurst Green Community Centre                                                           £2,000.00

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