Draw Hurst Green! (our new project)

We would like to invite everyone in Hurst Green, to help us by drawing pictures of local buildings! (see all the details in attached flyer).

 We would love as many people as possible from Hurst Green to join in.  We thought this would be a good activity to do now, especially whilst we need to stay at home so much.

We are hoping that lots of people from Hurst Green, (from the very young to the very old, and everyone in between), will join in by drawing local buildings. It is a positive and creative activity to do. It is fine if we get lots of drawings of the same buildings, we will display as many as we can.

Together (whilst apart), we can all draw Hurst Green!

We are really looking forward to seeing lots of lovely drawings. Note the deadline is 30 June.

With best wishes,




Draw Hurst Green! flyer April 2020 (1)