Line your food waste bin with plastic bags

Just to make you aware residents can now line their food waste caddy with plastic bags or liners, which makes it easier, cleaner and cheaper to recycle food waste. You can use anything from old shopping bags to bread or salad bags, but not black bin bags or plastic food packaging.   To find out more visit

Alert for caterpillar pest in oak trees

People in parts of London, northern Surrey, West Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire are being reminded to look out for and report caterpillars of the oak processionary moth (OPM), which could be damaging oak trees in the area. They are also advised to keep away from the caterpillars and their nests, because their hairs can cause itching skin rashes and other health problems, and to report sightings to the Forestry Commission. OPM is a tree pest which was accidentally introduced to…

Green Waste Club

Let us recycle your garden waste for you  If the thought of lugging heavy bags of grass clippings, plants, weeds, small branches, leaf fall and the like to the local tip seems like too much effort, there is a simple answer: join Tandridge’s popular, affordable and efficient Green Waste Club. The Club collects garden waste every fortnight for recycling into compost.  Club membership starts from just £4.33 per month (plus a one-off £10 bin delivery fee), and there are a…

Textiles recycling communications campaign

Clothes and home textiles campaign briefing   –  1 March 2016 to 31 May 2016 Background – Last year in Surrey more than 11,500 tonnes of clothes and home textiles were thrown away that could have been reused or recycled. If all clothes and home textiles were recycled or reused, rather than thrown away, it would save the taxpayer more than £4.5 million. The partnership’s first clothes and home textiles campaign was undertaken in April and May 2015. It targeted women…

Open Garden – Birchanger Gardens 8th May for St Catherine’s Hospice

Open Garden   –  Sunday 8th May 2016   –   2.00pm – 5.30pm  Birchanger Gardens, Handcross RH17 6JY  The Worrall family are kindly opening their garden in aid of St Catherine’s Hospice.  This is a beautiful 7-acre garden with magnificent displays of azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias and magnolias.  There is a grassy avenue, lake, lily pond, pergola, Etruscan-style temple and much more.  This lovely garden is only open to the public for a few weekends each year, so make sure you…

£5 increase in district council tax and services protected

Last night’s Council meeting agreed an increase of £5 (for a Band D property) in the District Council’s share of the council tax for 2016/2017. This is the first increase for five years and is a result of a change in government policy on grants. Over the five years of no increase in council tax, residents benefited from £2 million in freeze grant.   This means Band D council tax will increase by £5, which is 10p a week for…

2016 Annual Parish Assembly

Oxted Parish Council’s annual parish assembly will be held on Tuesday 5th April commencing at 7.30pm in Oxted Community Hall

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